Welcome to the Ninternet!

This is the place to come when you want to experience all the glory of the mid 90's to early 00's. Complete with terrible browser (coming soon), awesome screen names (NIM coming soon), and great features of HTML4 design (already here!).

Want to connect? It's EASY! All you need to do is follow this handy connection guide and then you can connect to .nin domains!

Want to check if you're connected? Simply go to www.thedon.nin and see if it connects. Did it? You're connected! If not, sad face. Please change those DNS settings as soon as possible!

But WHY?!

Why connect to the Ninternet? Am I stealing your information? Is this DNS doing something bad? Do I just want to eat your waffles? All those answers are down below!

Can I be on the Ninternet?

Yes! Yes you can! Just visit the registrar after connecting!

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